Our Farm

MacInnes Family farm in Langley, B.C.

Studio of farmers, brewers & maltsers

Linked with local artists & events

100% of ingredients grown on our farm

Bringing the community closer to farming, through beer.


It’s about people. You, me, brewer, maltster, farmer, everyone. It’s an unbroken chain of artisinal achievement, resulting in a delicious thirst quenching brew. We all take our part in the chain seriously, from those who farm through to those who enjoy, from Field to Glass.

So if you want to know everything about what’s in your glass and what it takes to craft it, what better than dropping by the farm?

Reconnect with the land

The lower mainland gives us more than just beautiful sunrises and an abundance of rain, it gives us everything we need to sustain our bodies and souls. This sustenance isn’t a one-way relationship though it’s only rendered after we work with the land and nature to produce perfect conditions for growth.

At Locality we want to develop the relationships we all have with the land, whether we recognize them initially or not. That’s why our brewery is on the same land that grows the barley and hops for our beer.

100% homegrown

We firmly believe the best beer can only come from the best ingredients. The only way to ensure the best ingredients go into your brew is to work with your maltster and farmer.

We grow and process our own ingredients right on the farm, 100% homegrown.